Simon Business School

Meet Full-Time MS in Business Analytics Alumni


Adja Gbane

MS in Business Analytics, Class of 2016                   

Revenue Management Analyst, The Hertz Corporation

"While in the process of reviewing my school choices, I visited Simon Business School for Scholarship weekend. I was already impressed by the program curriculum, but interacting with current students and faculty cemented my conviction that the MSBA program at Simon would not only equip me with the analytical and quantitative skills required in today’s competitive business world, but also help in my personal development."


Patrick Reilly

MS in Business Analytics, Class of 2016                   

Pre-MS Internships and Experience: Bizlitics and Calero

"I chose Simon not only because it ranks third in the world for business analytics, but also because of the environment that the staff, faculty, and students provide. Everyone at Simon cares about your education and will do everything in their power to ensure a prolific academic experience."


Mohammed Osman Saeed

MS in Business Analytics, Class of 2016                   

Business Analyst, ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute)

"I will always cherish the experience of studying with a group of exceptionally smart and hardworking individuals. The school has an incredibly diverse student body and I was fortunate to interact with and make friends with an amazing bunch of people during the course of my studies."

Aanchal Shah, MS Business Analytics, Class of 2016

Aanchal Shah

MS in Business Analytics, Class of 2016                   

Revenue Management Analyst, The Hertz Corporation

"Simon has one of the most comprehensive program in the field of Business Analytics. The core business courses, the hands-on approach, blend of economics-analytics and the opportunity to participate in the industry related practicum certainly helped me in realizing my optimum potential. Simon truly stands for cultural diversity and encourages team work but at the same time brings out your true individuality. I would certainly recommend the Business Analytics program at Simon to those seeking a course that would act as a springboard in fulfilling ones career aspirations."

Stone_Austin_MS Marketing Analytics 2016

Austin Stone

MS in Business Analytics, Class of 2016                   

Pre-MS Internships and Experience: Wegmans Food Markets Inc

"The Business Analytics curriculum provides an analytical approach to understanding an issue, and the technical background necessary to solve complex business problems. This combination, in addition to a unique global experience and world-class faculty, prepares students to work on the cutting edge of this rapidly-expanding field."

Xiaorui Su, MS Business Analytics 2016

Xiaorui "Elva" Su

MS in Business Analytics, Class of 2016                   

Quantitive Analyst, Vantage Commodities

"I strongly feel that the faculties and staff at Simon take the success of the students seriously. The MBA students are great mentors to the MS students. CMC as well as the MBA students helped me develop my career goal, critic my resume, expend my network, and prepare for interview. Throughout my time at Simon, I was encouraged to participate in different networking events held in New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami and other cities, and I was able to get to know alumni in different cities and learn from their experience."