Simon Business School

Business Analytics Curriculum


The Simon Business Analytics curriculum is designed to provide you with a strong foundation in both analytics and business–covering statistics, analytics, and core business areas; building a solid platform for a successful career and life-long learning, while simultaneously developing hands-on skills and expertise to jump start your career.

You will get extensive experience in using cutting-edge analytics toolkits starting with courses on key analytical technologies, numerous applications and projects in these courses, and an optional summer internship. This is a STEM designated program.

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Download the program study grid for Full Time MS Business Analytics

Full-Time Business Analytics students have two available tracks:

  • 11-month program of study (non-internship track)
  • 17-month program of study (internship track)
    • Internships are not guaranteed - students choosing the option to extend their program will be eligible to seek an internship, but are not guaranteed placement in an internship

Program requirements

Required courses:
GBA 463 Economics and Marketing Strategy for MS Students
GBA 464 Programming for Analytics
GBA 462R Core Statistics for MS Students Using R
CIS 417 Introduction to Business Analytics
GBA 466 Accounting and Finance for MS Students
CIS 465A Practicum in Business Analytics
CIS 442D Advanced Business Analytics
CIS 442E Data Management for Analytics
MKT 436R Marketing Analytics Using R
CIS 465B Practicum in Business Analytics II
CIS 434 Social Media Analytics
MGC 401 Communicating Business Decisions I
MGC 402 Communicating Business Decisions II
MGC 403 Communicating Business Decisions III
MGC 411 Communicating Business Decisions IV


Electives - Two Required
MKT 451 Advanced Marketing Analytics
CIS 416 Advanced Information Technology
CIS 418 Advanced Business Modeling
OMG 411 Supply Chain Analytics
OMG 415 Process Improvement


The above study grid is current for the 2016-2017 academic year. While it is not expected that the program’s billable credits will change for the 2016-2017 academic year, the arrangement of courses is subject to change.

Read more in our Study Plan Description.